About Us
Nightingale Ensemble uses music as a tool for social change by commissioning new works from a diverse group that represent the breadth and depth of classical composers in the modern world. In addition, its eclectic instrumentation allows composers to explore new musical landscapes that are seldom heard in the world today.

The ensemble partners with composers and other musicians to develop works for trios, duets, and even for soloists to broaden the repertoire for these instruments and push the pairing of instruments to find new music colors. It also uses its unusual instrumentation to its advantage in order to perform lesser known works by major composers, such as those by Stravinsky, Takemitsu, and many others.

Nightingale Ensemble emphasizes finding contemporary composers who will bring a unique voice to their compositions through a range of backgrounds that are as diverse as our world is today, and welcome hearing from composers who have an idea for an exciting new composition that involves an instrumental ensemble not often seen on stages!

WARNING: Recently we were made aware that our Ensemble is being impersonated in a scam. This impersonator was falsely informing people about the results of the competition. As far as we know, they are using the email address nightingaleensemble@outlook.com which is NOT our email address. If you received this, do not open it and please practice safe cyber habits.